Inspired by a reading series at a haunted bar on the Bowery, the Bowery Gothic is a literary journal seeking to publish the highest quality literature and art. We look for stories—both real and imagined—that exist in that liminal space: between the seen and unseen; between entertainment and fear. We are excited by work that stands at the threshold and looks into the unknown. We are excited by the sublimity of terror.

We are not interested in gore, violence, or perversion. Instead, send us literary work that transcends genre, that scares us and makes us think: Damn, that was fresh. We are drawn to literature that conjures up tales told by our favorite writers—from Henry James to Kelly Link; Shirley Jackson to Octavia E. Butler—stories that entice, amaze, terrify. 

Find that sweet spot where literary work soars to an unexpected place or where the unexpected is beautifully told. Be it a tale about ghosts, aliens, monsters, alternate universes, dystopias, paranormal behaviors, etc.—whatever it is, make it your best.

Our theme for our June 2020 issue is ILL WIND. Make of that what you will... 

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Stories should be between 500 and 5,000 words; please send as a Word doc in 12 point type (Times New Roman or Arial preferred). Include your name and email at the top of the first page of your story, along with page numbers.  

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Send 3-5 poems as a Word doc; please include your name and email address at the top of each poem.  

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Same guidelines as above, but your contribution guarantees a quick response to your submission.  

Bowery Gothic